Important LinkedIn messages will show up in separate tabs.

Every day, a variety of people and organizations send LinkedIn messages, a major social media platform for professionals. Time is limited, and it is impossible to know in advance which communications are crucial and which are unimportant. Important communications are consequently no longer read. To address the issue, LinkedIn is introducing the “Focused Inbox” feature. Users can conveniently access essential messages in separate tabs when this feature is activated. According to LinkedIn, which is owned by Microsoft, this move has been taken to give professionals the chance to obtain crucial information swiftly as well as to provide replies.

The Focused Inbox feature will increase the Inbox option’s tab count by two. Important communications are located in the “Focused” tab and general messages are located in the “Other” tab. Users can pre-select a certain person or company name to pick critical communications using the Focused tab. As a result, all messages sent by the chosen individuals or groups will be saved in the tab. You can view all of the critical messages in your LinkedIn inbox by clicking on the focused tab.

According to a statement from LinkedIn, many users choose LinkedIn Message Minimum for business communications. So this year compared to last year, there were over 20% more LinkedIn messages sent and received on LinkedIn. With this new capability, it is now possible to receive crucial messages swiftly delivered by others and to respond as soon as possible. This facility will be gradually introduced in all nations.

LinkedIn has added the ability to schedule posts to be sent at particular times. They will be posted on LinkedIn at the time you specify if you utilize this option to set the time of the post. As a result, even if you are really busy at work, you can still publish significant posts at specific times. Computers and cellphones both have access to this feature.

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