Top 12 Instagram marketing Tactics 2023 that should follow

Instagram marketing tactics 2023: With approximately 112.5 million users, Instagram, owned by Facebook, is one of the most popular social media networks in 2020. 60% of social media users use it to shop. At least 200 million Instagram users see at least one corporate profile daily, according to Instagram analytics. With the right retail marketing strategy, businesses can use Instagram to promote their products and services, increase brand awareness, and boost sales. Given Instagram’s recent emphasis on video content, particularly Reels, the best methods for attaining growth on the site have evolved substantially over the past year. This article explains how to create an Instagram growth plan that attracts and retains followers. Keep in mind that a sizable following on Instagram did not immediately appear. Instagram business account followers grow 1.3 % monthly. Let’s see if you can beat that standard by using these tips.

Actionable Instagram marketing Tactics 2023

Use Instagram Reels for Instagram marketing tactics 2023
Use Instagram Reels for Instagram marketing tactics 2023

1. Use Instagram Reels for Instagram marketing tactics 2023

Instagram says Reels is the best place to grow artistically, build community, and advance your career.

Reels account for 20% of Instagram users’ time and are the fastest-growing format. If you can only make one social media change to boost your Instagram account, make this one.

2. But it’s not only Instagram Reels!

It’s possible that increasing your reach and gaining new followers on Instagram by posting in many formats (Reels, Stories, Instagram videos, etc.) may increase your engagement.

Interestingly, they don’t mention main feed photo postings because they’re limited to your followers and lack a native repost option.

In-feed video and Reels appear to be merging. Instagram converts some users’ videos into Reels.

Reels will be a key Instagram growth strategy 2023 in the future. However, for now, focus on video.

Update! is a part of Instagram marketing Tactics 2023
Update! is a part of Instagram marketing Tactics 2023

3. Frequently update

Update! Update! Update! is a part of Instagram marketing Tactics 2023. Instagram followers are only half of the growth equation. The second half is keeping current followers so your following grows, which requires a steady stream of engaging content that doesn’t overwhelm consumers.

In June 2021, Instagram head Adam Mosseri said a “healthy feed” had “a few updates every week and a few Stories per day.“

The average Instagram business account publishes 1.64 main feed posts per day.

58.6% of picture posts
21.5% video posts
19.9% of carousel posts
Finding your brand’s rhythm may take time. Check your Instagram stats to see which growth techniques are working.

4. Zero down on the most lucrative clients in your specialty

Instagram’s in-feed suggestions, or its algorithm, are based on several criteria. Focusing on “their followers” is easy. Following and interacting with niche accounts will show the algorithm your specialization. Focus on high-value industry accounts. If they follow you back, you send the algorithm a more robust signal that their followers may be interested in you. In short, grow your followers.

Engage your audience
Engage your audience

5. Engage your audience

You must convert reel viewers into long-term fans. Like, respond to, and reshare their replies is the quickest way to convert casual followers to fans, says Instagram.

Responding to fan comments boosts future comments. People are more likely to comment if they see you responding to others.

Captivate your audience with imagination. Stickers with questions on Stories can spark conversation and inspire future content.

Reels allow video comments. You must answer messages if you’re working as a team and want to share this task with your coworkers.

Instagram engagement is the one of the most important Instagram marketing Tactics 2023. This Instagram engagement sends positive signals to the algorithm, increasing the likelihood that your content will appear in your followers’ feeds and preventing them from unfollowing you.

Never buy Instagram followers. Instagram’s algorithm dislikes it when bots engage with your content.


Using linktree to move your business forward?
Linktree was one of the first and most widely used programs to address the “one link in the Instagram bio” issue.

However, no tool is flawless, and each has its restrictions. Some users, were dissatisfied with Linktree’s absence of a custom domain option. All Linktree profiles, premium or free, have the URL string “” in them.

If you are one of these folks that want complete control over your brand, try to move all your links to any of the best linktree alternative. Leverage High Level’s social media analytics to view all your posts’ performance in one place, and in this way, you can grow your business faster.

Select the appropriate hashtags
Select the appropriate hashtags

6. Select the appropriate hashtags

Hashtags is one of the most engaging Instagram marketing tactics 2023 that is an easy way to broaden your exposure, which is crucial for attracting new followers on Instagram. Using hashtags can attract new followers in three ways. Your post could appear on the hashtag page. Everyone who clicks the hashtag can see your post, whether they follow you. Hashtags boost Instagram post visibility. Since users can choose which hashtags to follow, your post may appear in the primary feeds of your target audience. Potential followers have chosen to view similar content but haven’t followed you. The optimal number of Instagram hashtags seems to change often. Instagram users can use up to 30 hashtags in a single post or 10 in a story. Don’t overuse hashtags. If you want to reach people who could be interested in your brand but haven’t come across it yet, Instagram recommends that you “Use three or more hashtags that define your business, product, or service in your postings.“ Nonetheless, it is suggested that no more than three to five hashtags be used. Effective Instagram hashtags aren’t always the most popular. Specialized hashtags with fewer posts and less competition may send better signals to the algorithm by making your content’s topic clear. They also place your information in front of the right eyes, not a wider audience. Hashtags must appear in the Instagram caption, not the comments.

7. Create excellent captions

Instagram captions must do two things to increase followers:

Send the algorithm signals that your content is relevant and engaging (through keywords and hashtags).
Engage your current followers, so they keep following you.
There can be around 2,200 characters for Instagram captions, but that’s unlikely. If you have a compelling story, share it. A short, catchy Description using Emojis, phrases, and hashtags may also help.

Experimenting and tracking results are the only way to determine what works best for your audience (and potential new audience).

8. Write a captivating biography

All of the Instagram growth techniques we’ve discussed involve content. Your Instagram bio also helps increase followers. Your Instagram handle and profile name must be clear and relevant for people to find and follow you. Better if your handle or moniker includes an appropriate term. Keywords matter in your bio. Start telling people about yourself and your brand in 150 characters. This will encourage new visitors to follow you and send necessary ranking signals to the system, bringing you more admirers. Add your business’s location, which can help you build a local following and make it easier for other local companies to find you, which benefits the entire business community.

9. Work with the creators

Instagram artists can help promote brands that is awesome Instagram marketing tactics 2023. It helps your brand reach a focused, engaged audience while discovering new content ideas. Find creators who share your brand’s values. Social listening is effective. The Instagram Creator Marketplace is another new tool to help you find artists for your company. It will allow artists to specify the companies and issues most important to them and speed up business-artist communication. Remember that a creator’s following size isn’t the most crucial factor in Instagram growth when looking for artists to follow. Instead, find a high-engagement creator producing content relevant to your company’s niche. You-branded content shouldn’t feel like an ad (although it should be appropriately labeled as such). Working with artists who are passionate about your business and can spread your message is the best strategy.

10. Publish when your target market is online

Publish when your target market is online
Publish when your target market is online

Taking part is essential. Posting when your audience is online increases early engagement. Uploading at the optimal time is also important because the algorithm considers timing a signal. Instagram Insights provides audience online times.

Be original and brand-focused
Be original and brand-focused

11. Be original and brand-focused

Be brand-consistent. This is one of the affected Instagram marketing tactics 2023 that You must monitor upgrades. Redesigning your social media strategy after every update or algorithm change is impractical.

Instead, create engaging content that reflects your brand’s values which is a foolproof way to build a loyal following over time.

Instagram’s algorithm favors original content in suggestion lists. Original content is anything you’ve created that hasn’t been posted before. Reposting user-generated content is suitable for social proof, but it won’t boost your content’s rankings.

The only time this isn’t the case is when you contribute your interpretation utilizing in-app features like Remix or Collabs, which is original, algorithm-recommendable content.

12. Experiment with Instagram Ads

We can’t ignore Instagram ads while discussing organic growth.

Boosting a post or Story with More Profile Visits is the easiest way to grow an Instagram account.

Instagram ads is paid Instagram marketing Tactics 2023. Spending money on Instagram ads won’t be productive unless they reach the intended audience. Analyze your existing followers to create a target audience for your ads.

Meta Ads Manager can help you manage Instagram ads. Choose Brand Awareness or Reach—Link Instagram to Meta Business Manager.

Choose a platform that simplifies Instagram management. Schedule and publish Instagram posts, interact with followers, and monitor success from a single dashboard. Get a marketing platform that helps agencies acquire, nurture, and convert leads into clients. The monthly fees of such a platform should cover unlimited accounts, users and contacts. This will look after the success of your business on any social media.



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