Important of Bing Ads for your business

One of the best ways to get targeted traffic to your website is by paying for it. And one of the best ways to pay for traffic is via pay per click advertising (PPC). There are 2 major PPC programs on the internet. There are a lot of them online, but for most people, only the top 2 are worth using.

The 2 major pay per click programs are “Google AdWords” and “Bing Ads” (combination of Bing and Yahoo). Both are excellent for getting immediate traffic to your site, and traffic that is good when it comes to conversions. But just advertising on these platforms aren’t enough. You have to be good and test and track your campaigns to see if your campaign is a winner, or if you may have to find a better way of advertising.

I want to share some of my insights on both programs, and give you some tips on how you can use them effectively. You should know that some niches aren’t as responsive as other niches. That’s just a matter of competition in your niche. But for discreet and non-well known niches… you could have a field day with these platforms. Let’s talk about Google AdWords.

1) Google AdWords

This is the number 1 choice among online business owners today. Some people say that the quality of the traffic is better than Bing Ads, and that the conversion rates are better than Bing Ads traffic. But it is what it is. I believe you can make any niche profitable with Google AdWords. Even some of the smaller ones also.

With AdWords, you don’t have to invest a lot to get started. I believe they require you to add at least $5 or $10 worth of funds into your account before your ads go live. It’s worth it, trust me. Don’t bid the maximum amount that your keywords bids are on. If you sell a $10 product, it won’t make since to price your clicks at $1 a piece. So also, you need to know your numbers, and how high you need to sell your products at to make some profit.

Let’s get into Bing Ads.

2) Bing Ads

I like Bing Ads a lot. They seem more relaxed with their system of approval and denial of ads. Plus if your call them on the phone, they are very helpful. But beyond that, you don’t have to bid a lot in certain niches to see some great results. Now of course the more money you invest into your advertising, the more traffic you will get, and the more sales you will potentially get.

In the past Bing Ads used to be 2 separate and rival entities. It used to be “Microsoft Adcenter”, and “Yahoo Sponsored Search”. In my opinion, Yahoo Sponsored Search was more superior – but that’s just my opinion. No matter what you sell though, you can make Bing Ads work for you when it comes to PPC advertising.

Be sure to use these 2 pay per click platforms today. They are sure to deliver you some great traffic and leads that will make you profitable. Good luck!

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