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Amazon affiliate website checklist: Now more than ever, starting a new website is simple. Installing your selected CMS (Content Management System) is only the first step; you still need to make sure your website is as user- and search engine-friendly as possible. Avoid issues that can scare off early visitors or hurt your website’s search engine rankings when it first launches.

20 key steps that must be accomplished before launching a new website created for use with the Amazon affiliate Associates program are listed in our checklist. Your main goal is to make money, so choosing a subject with a lot of search traffic and financial potential is crucial.

Amazon affiliate website checklist

Select a the right domain

For a new amazon affiliate website, picking the appropriate domain is an essential first step. There are various methods; one is to include one or two matching terms in the domain, which will make it very apparent what kind of website it is. As an alternative, you might utilize a brand name for your blog or company and pick a more ambiguous domain name. Utilizing a branded domain has the advantage of being flexible and allowing for future growth. The perfect domain name will incorporate both ideas.

Find quality hosting provider

Find a balance between a high-quality hosting provider and a fair pricing while creating your first website. Many reputable hosting companies provide entry-level plans, allowing you to start out at a lower cost. Although CMS-based websites don’t have particularly strict needs, you should nonetheless be aware of what the hosting provider is offering in terms of PHP access and SQL database access as these are the technologies that support your website. Additionally, ask your hosting company how simple it would be to upgrade to a service with greater features in the future.

CMS Setup

Take your time installing any CMS you end up using. You may find comprehensive installation guides and advice online or on YouTube, which can assist you with any issues. Although it might sound scary, keep in mind that there isn’t much you can do wrong during the installation. You can just start over if it doesn’t function as it should.

Install Only the Important Plugins

Content Management Systems can be extended with plug-ins and new features. These can be very useful, and WordPress has plug-ins specifically recommended for new blogs. However, don’t overdo it. Each plug-in makes the CMS a little slower, and if you install poorly maintained plug-ins, site security can also suffer. Install new plug-ins as and when the need arises.

Produce a Beautiful Layout

Because first impressions count, your amazon affiliate website’s layout should be appropriate for the subject matter you’ve chosen, as well as appealing and easy to use. If you pay attention to choosing the appropriate colors, matching fonts, creating a logo that looks professional, and other graphical features, your site will attract more readers.

Remove any bugs

Make sure there are no technical issues before launching your new website. To guarantee that the HTML and CSS on your website are correct, you can run technical checks on them. For more information, see validator.w3.org. Before releasing, don’t forget to test the usability; make sure there are no typos, missing photos, or font issues.

Test on all Major Browsers

Visitors to your website will access it through a variety of devices and browsers. Checking that your website functions properly in all popular browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari, is crucial. Check it out on mobile devices as well. At google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly, Google offers a mobile test.

Generate Content Idea Storm

You need a strategy for updating your new site before it goes live, so come up with some content ideas. Most will come to mind on their own if you are knowledgeable about the subject. A mind map, competitive analysis, and new study into potential content domains are other ways to gather more ideas.

Fill Out Your Site in Advance

You should never launch a website with nothing on it; at the very least, you should have a few articles prepared. For new visitors to keep coming back, your first piece of content needs to be excellent and intriguing.

Double-check everything

Your articles don’t need to be flawless, but compelling material is a need. However, you must be mindful of your grammar and spelling and make as many corrections as you can. Read a new article carefully and make any required edits before releasing it.

Create a homepage that attracts new visitors.

Your homepage is especially significant since it serves as the “store window” of your website. There will be a lot of new visitors, either before or after they have read one of your posts. Your reader must be able to quickly understand the topic of your website and access further stuff with ease. The homepage’s content should be created with new readers in mind. Include a succinct introduction, describe the topic of your site, and include the most recent and well-liked pieces. Internal links should be present on all significant subpages.

Legal and privacy statements should be included.

To ensure that your Amazon affiliate website complies with the legislation regarding the use of data online, including any legal requirement pages on your site at all times. Online, you can find several samples of these documents.

Make Your Site SEO-Friendly

You can ensure that search engines can find and index your website by putting the foundations of SEO into practice. But beyond the fundamentals, SEO is a complicated and contentious subject. It pays to get knowledgeable about it, but avoid devoting too much effort on SEO at the expense of writing engaging blog posts.

Analyze load times

Short loading times for are becoming more and more important to search engines. If a website takes too long to load, the average visitor will quit, which results in fewer traffic and earnings. You can analyze your own website with Google Page Speed Service Insights and receive optimization advice.

Evaluate Usability

The ‘user experience’ of your amazon affiliate website is crucial, but it can be challenging to gauge how simple it is to browse. The more user-friendly a website is, the better; if you have the chance, ask your friends or relatives to utilize it and let you know what they thought about it.

Configure analytics

Use a web analytics tool to learn how well your amazon affiliate website is performing, what kind of content are most popular, and where issues are. Because it is both powerful and free, Google Analytics is frequently utilized. Piwik, an open-source platform, is an option. Spend some time making sure all tracking is set up properly and that you use the information you learn to make your website better.

Establish a backup.

A hacker attack or technical issues causing content loss are among the most frustrating things that can happen. A reliable hosting provider will guarantee regular backups, but there are also several helpful CMS plug-ins that provide this service. The golden rule is to consistently backup your files, including the database for your website, so you can reinstall an updated version in the event of an emergency.

Schedule your midterm content

Many new bloggers and website owners start off quite committed, but within the first few weeks, they start to suffer. This can be prevented with a content strategy for the early years of your amazon affiliate website’s existence. While not every post needs to be planned, key activities or material can and should be planned in the longer term.

Start Monetizing

When should you start adding links and advertisements that generate revenue to your amazon affiliate website? Even though it doesn’t have to start right away, you should start pretty early. You can experiment with various forms of monetized content to determine which perform the best as you gain a wealth of useful experience. You should consider how to incorporate content for monetization from the beginning, regardless of when you decide to deploy it.

Accept That No One Is Perfect

There are a lot of items on this list! But keep in mind that making things as perfect as possible takes time, so there’s no point in striving for perfection. Your initial intentions will always alter, so get started and gather experience and feedback instead.

We give you 20 amazon affiliate checklists for new website. Its high time to take your decision